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There are many little secrets that the larger retailers use to create greater sales during the holiday season. What’s great is that whether you are a small business with a retail location or a small business owner with a service offering you too can use some of these dirty secrets to create even more cash flow during the holidays.

Here are a few ideas to get your started. Even if you implement just one I guarantee you’ll see your profits climb this holiday season.

  • REMEMBER noise affects our mood. Upbeat, joyous music evokes warm feelings and excitement while loud clashing music can evoke anger. During the holidays most retailers will play soothing carols to put shoppers in the holiday mood and elevate their level joy and giving. If you have a retail location you can certainly follow the lead of the larger retail establishments. But what if you are a service provider? Could you plan soft music in your office space? Could your “hold” music be changed to something soft and soothing like a holiday carol playlist?
  • BULK PRICING gets shoppers to buy more. This is a tactic easily used in retail and in service based businesses and can create a lot of cash quickly. Say for example you offer cleaning services for homes and businesses. Could you create a package that allows people to purchase and pay up front for a year but gives them a significant discount for paying all at once? This gives you a great cash infusion AND guarantees their business for the next six months or year. I know when I’m out shopping for the holidays if I see a gift that gives me a gift with purchase I’m more likely to buy. Sometimes I gift that gift or sometimes it’s something fun I keep for myself.
  • REMEMBER THE NUMBER 9. Psychologically the number 9 plays tricks on our mind. If we price something at an even $40.00 people react differently than if we price that same item at $39.99. It’s only a cent less but the perception is made that they are getting an even better value. Think about Walmart’s roll back pricing and you’ll see exactly what I mean. Whenever possible in your business use this same pricing model and see more sales roll on in.
  • FINALLY EYE LEVEL REAL ESTATE IS THE MOST VALUABLE. Have big-ticket items that you’d like to sell more of? Make them stand out by showing them off at eye level. This trick can also be used if you are a service provider. Place adds for your more expensive services in prime locations on flyers, websites and services lists.

I hope these dirty little secrets of the larger retails will bring you greater profitability this holiday season and don’t worry… I’ll never share your secrets.