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Interview Questions: 

  • speaker1pg1stpg​How did you become a business success coach/entrepreneur?
  • If you could give one piece of advice to entrepreneurs, what would it be?
  • What is the one thing that you find holds entrepreneurs back from finding the success they desire?
  • What does the landscape of entrepreneurism look like right now?
  • Do you see any up and coming trends happening today in the entrepreneurial world?
  • What does the typical entrepreneur “look like?”
  • What is their background?
  • Why are they pursuing a business of their own?
  • When someone is considering going into business for themselves what areas would you advise them to be aware of?
  • What resources are available for entrepreneurs in our community?
  • As an entrepreneur your self, what has been the one thing that has helped you create a successful business?
  • Where do you see entrepreneurs making mistakes?
  • What could they avoid doing to save themselves time, money and heart ache?