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Other Services Available

Consulting Services:

  • Does your business have a physical location? Lisa Hall offers on site consultations. Lisa can come to your business and spend a day to help you determine where your daily routines and systems can be streamlined to create more money in your pocket at the end of your business day. Call for more information about pricing on this service.

Group Coaching Programs:

  • Lisa Hall offers several programs throughout the year. Watch her social media channels for her offerings.

Training For Your Team:

  • Lisa Hall will come to your place of business and train your team to help them create a more systematic approach to their business day. Lisa has many programs she offers including the areas of time management, delegation, procrastination and networking. Call for more information on these programs or to discuss a program tailored to your business needs.

YouTube video production and podcasting services

  • Do you need to establish your on-line presence more strongly?  Are you interested in audio- or video-casting for your business, but think you can’t afford it?
  • We have lots of clients in that boat.  That’s why Tight Ship has brought on a media specialist who helps our clients develop these cutting edge new media products — and at a very affordable rate.

Call for pricing and package options for these services.