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Sample Keynote Speaking Topics 

How To Stop Being “Busy” and Get More Business

  • This presentation focuses on how to replace “busy work” with useful and productive methods to get more done during your business day. Becoming more focused on productive elements of business will allow you to create growth and generate more income than you ever thought possible.

Key Take Aways:

  1. Discover what is really eating up your time. 
  2. Discover how you can shift from “busy” to productive. 
  3. Discover how you can make more money by working fewer hours. 

Drive Sales Growth Through Authentic Networking

  • This presentation is designed to help you stand out at events and create genuine relationships with those you network with. You will learn to obtain more qualified referrals and how to drive profitability in your business through the relationships you build and cultivate. Uncomfortable in a networking situations? Does networking leave you feeling exhausted? Discover how to make networking work on your terms.

Key Take Aways:

  • Learn ways to stand out from the crowd, even if networking is not comfortable for you Learn systems to help you sustain networking relationships that generate consistent leads and referrals Learn to leverage your referrals for even greater profitability.

How Procrastination Is Stunting Your Business Growth and How to Break the Cycle

  • We all go though periods where we’d just like to avoid that to-do list all together; periods where we hope if we just ignore our tasks that are piling up, they will just disappear. This presentation gives you some practical, clear-cut systems to help you not only get started but ways to get more done once you do.

Key Take Aways:

  1. How you can overcome the procrastination hurdle and get moving on tasks. 
  2. How to determine which tasks are key to moving your business forward. 
  3. How to stay motivated and keep the flow and momentum you need to drive business growth. 

Women of Impact

  • As women our entrepreneurial history has shown us some great leaders who have inspired us and have driven our work lives to new levels of equality. However, we still have hurdles to overcome. This presentation inspires women entrepreneurs and small business leaders to make an impact and be part of the movement towards equality in the work place.

Key Take Aways:

  1. The rich history that has shaped our working world today.
  2. Leaders that have set the bar, made an impact and moved us forward as women.
  3. How you can make an impact in the progress towards equality for the working woman.